Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turning Toward Fall

 It is always hard to believe that the end of summer is coming, but here we are again savoring the last warm golden days of August and preparing for all of the changes that fall inevitably brings.  

My most treasured experiences of summer involved watching the astounding growth of my daughters. Baby Layla trying out new words every day, constantly trying to run, jump and climb the walls (seriously!) and otherwise keep up with her big sister. And I witnessed my 5 year old Arya learn to go across the monkey bars, swim by herself, swim underwater, learn to ride a bike with no training wheels... the amazing list of physical feats and firsts goes on. Arya would say before dunking underwater or reaching for that first monkey bar, "I'm as scared as a pistle-whistle!" And then off she would go. She always felt fear, but her fiery joy in testing out what she was capable of always won out over her trepidations.
My children are amazing teachers to me (as all children are). Every day, all day long I watch the bravery and unending joy of each of them challenging themselves to expand their possibilities. It's who they are, and that is our nature too, us big people, even if we may have forgotten this. 
This is what yoga is all about! It's never about being unafraid. It's certainly not about settling into what is comfortable and staying there. Life won't let us, anyway. Yoga offers us a practice in which to listen to what new frontier is calling to us; to reach deep inside and find the desire for growth that is stronger than the fear of change or the risk of failure or loss.  I watched Arya try out her new skills - on her bike, the monkey bars, in the water - over and over again. Many times she fell over, always she tried again, and every time she tried she got better at it. In yoga this is called abhyasa - dedicated practice over a long period of time.
The promise of yoga is that we all have this capacity for change, transformation and growth. And we have the resilience we need to get through the hard times and the inevitable changes life brings. 

This fall you will see some changes in our schedule and mix of teachers. Though it is hard to accept change and to say goodbyes, we honor each teacher who passes through our sanctuary for all the beauty they uniquely contribute. And all of us here now welcome you, new yogi or seasoned student, to sink into the grounding and supportive rhythm of Fall. Come challenge your own perceived limitations, enjoy the opening of your body, breath and heart, and like a free-spirited child claim your joy as you unfold your true self through all that you do.  
To support you on this very topic, Sarah Faircloth is offering "The Frontier of your Yoga Practice" in late September, and Douglas Brooks P.H.D. offers "Heroines: Stories of Healing, Hurting, and Awakening the Heart" in late November. Our YS teachers are offering some nourishing and healing workshops as well: Restorative Yoga and Skincare October 20th, a teacher's retreat with Sara Rose and more...
We look forward to sharing a richly beautiful and healing Fall!
With Love and Blessings, 
Sara Rose 

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