Monday, July 22, 2013

The Art of Yoga with Sara Rose

The two practices that have sustained me in times of great suffering and have allowed me to ultimately live a life where my deepest dreams have come true are yoga and therapy. I began both complementary journeys at a similar time in my life. Both have offered me solace and peace, the opportunity for profound self-reflection and healing, and the capacity to live my life creatively, joyfully and yes, artfully. Life doesn’t always look pretty (to say the least) but the true yogi learns how to remain aligned with her (or his) deepest self through the crazy curve balls and ups and downs that life brings. No matter what we have lived through, witnessed or might yet endure, we have a treasure inside in the form of our own consciousness. The light of the Self not only cannot be taken away from us, it can be grown, refined and expanded in the most beautiful of ways. It’s who you are.

Though I created my yoga studio to be a sanctuary, the true refuge is in you. A potent way to access that refuge is through yoga. I continue to be awed by yoga’s unending gifts and truly humbled by the joys of teaching.

This is why I am thrilled to be offering a fresh new take on the Yoga Immersion this fall, which I am calling the Art of Yoga. Having offered Anusara Immersions for a decade of my 20 year teaching career, I have a wonderfully organized and inspired springboard from which to offer a current and updated program.

Why would I want to participate in the Art of Yoga Immersion?

Well, let’s see. Do you love yoga? If yes then read on. Would you like to refine your understanding of alignment principles? Deepen and improve your practice? Heal an old injury, revitalize yourself, and soar to new heights in your capacity as a yoga practitioner? Finally master that handstand? Move through your fear of backbends? Generally feel better or just feel more alive? Yes? Ok then read on because even if that is all you want, there is so much more.

The Art of Yoga Immersion is an opportunity to deepen your asana practice and to broaden your understanding of all aspects of yoga. We will practice asana and pranayama with a refined eye for the details of alignment. We will also practice with a greater sensitivity to the breath and the inner energy body.

We will learn about the history of yoga, what is actually ancient about it and what has evolved only very recently in the west. We will talk about how yoga impacts our lives, what challenges we face, and how to use yoga as a practical and accessible tool to deal with life’s everyday challenges. We’ll talk about yoga as a practice for healing physical pain and limitations, for healing emotional pain and suffering, and experience how yoga can become a true refuge in our lives. Stories of gods and goddesses will be shared as potent mirrors of yourself and gateways into your own capacity to cultivate greatness and to live your life artfully.

In addition to time for quiet personal contemplation, writing exercises (just for you) and meditations, we will share together in groups in a way that provides support and the very best reflection that true community has to offer.

Douglas Brooks will offer a delightful weekend on the Bhagavad Gita in November (which will be open to non-Immersion students as well). Douglas is one of the world’s leading scholars in the esoteric traditions of the Goddess in the Shrividya traditions (see for more info on Douglas). He has been my teacher for over a decade and I am honored to have him share his deep wisdom, outrageous humor and beautiful storytelling with all of you.

What else will we do?

We will also laugh a lot, take ourselves lightly, play and delight in the inexhaustible gifts of yoga.

If you are looking for a joyful experience of yoga, a journey of personal transformation or healing, a deepening of your asana practice, all in a supportive and playful community context… then join us!
I am delighted to be offering this program starting this September.

For more details: The Art of Yoga Immersion
With love,
Sara Rose

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